April 25th

All charters canceled, no way to stay six feet apart. Minnows were going to go to waste so, I asked my daughter if she wanted to go fishing and got a heck yes! We stopped by the birthday boy’s to get shiners and off we went. All the rain had the water pretty stained and in the mid 50’s for temperature. High tide and we hit our spot and only put six rods out. It was far from hot and heavy and we moved around a lot. We were there for two hours and got six big crappie. We had a mix bag of tuxes and fat roe filled females. Only one shallow, most came off the backside of the boat. I only saw one other boat catch a fish and it too was shallow. We also got six nice bass and a little channel cat. Super small yellow perch were present to keep us lifting rods for false alarms. Fun fishing with my youngest daughter. I think we’re going to head back out again before the fish are gone. We got minners to waste.