May 2nd

Burning up the rest of the shiners…

I friend called and wanted to take his new boat out on the Potomac. He bought it last year and just recently put the hours on the motor so, he could now change his fluids and let’re rip. SO GLAD I didn’t need to do that with either of my E Techs!

I let Capt Mike know I’d be over at nine o’clock to get bait. He told me that he and his wife would be joining us. Three boats, My buddy and his family, Capt Mike and Mrs. Capt Mike, me and my beautiful daughter Jojo.

We emptied out the minnow tanks and headed out. The water was really dirty and we are at the end of when the crappie should have been there in numbers (and they certainly weren’t) but, we wanted, no, needed to fish. It was a gorgeous day and got a little warm later in the day. Mid 70s, a little warm for my tastes…LOL

Fish were caught, fun was had, shiners were wasted. So long weird crappie season 2020.