3-22-20 Report

So we launch at 8am to a stiff NE wind coming straight down the river. Maybe 7mph winds but they are so cold and cutting that the first spot was not fish able. Good marks but heck with sitting and shivering for the next several hours while we wait out the wind. So I start looking and looking and looking. Ended up river by the bridge on the leeward side. Catfish after catfish till the cooler was filled. So I decide on hunting the big ones. Move again and ten minutes later with two lines out a rod buckles over and the big one is hooked. Fight lasts for maybe 1 minute and the leader separates from the hook. Biggest fish I never caught. But we had some too big to eat fish shortly after. Also a few more in the cooler. Out of bait by 12:30..

Capt Mike