Pointe Sept 9-12

After several days of research on the Dragon Capt Dave and I felt we had the bite dialed in. Mind you we went fishing four days prior to our trip and had two very bad days with just a couple of fish. But, confident we headed out with two boats and The Bruce crew.

First morning light was picture worthy.

Off we went in our tin boats ready for action. I went to a small feeder creek and scored a big bass.

Capt Dave went deep into the Dragon and scored many nice fish. While I stayed outside the Dragon and smacked the heck out of bowfin. I will add that some one erected a plaque in the deep knees. A nice well done memorial.

The days to come refined our fishing down to a science and we went thru some tackle as bowfin destroyed it. Last day we used the last hour for perch and was not getting much until this red hit. 12 to 15 minute fight in trees downed it came to the boat. Touch and go several times with barnacle encrusted tress.

Lots of pics to follow