May 5th Report

Some new customers joined me today for some Bubba Bass fishing. The goal was to learn new water so the client could take his small boat out with out fear of big waves and other hazards. We launched at 7:30 and started on a high tide of 9am The pads where flooded over and my big boat had on issue moving around. Water temps at 56 degrees. Down 12 degrees from the cold front and a full moon on a clear night Friday . Not good things but you fish as best you can. We covered a lot of water and used many styles of fishing to get that first bite. First bite was 1:30 pm in 62 degree water on a worm. Two more on the same worm at 2pm. Tide stopped and the day was done. Worked hard and got a few. Big YP came on plastic worm BTW.

Capt Mike