May 19th

Did a co-captain trip where I guide on another boat. Tom's Lund boat is a fine boat with 200 4 stroke Merc and a 100 plus trolling motor with lots of whistles and bells. The idea was lay down a bunch of waypoints for him to explore later this year. We traveled about 27 miles and hit about 8 or 9 spots. The fish where not biting well but we did manage about 5 chunky LGMouth. All in various stages of pre-spawn to post spawn. Caught them on worms , C rig lizard, chatterbaits , jigs and a spinnerbait. Tried some topwater but only gar would hit. The most interesting thing about the trip was the grass not emerging farther down the river yet. Water temps about 68 and clarity about two feet.

However in Chixamuxen it was huge clumps of hydrilla all silted over and decaying. Water temp 70 and higher.

I brought seafood subs for us to enjoy.

Capt Mike