March 14th

Three weeks ago, Larry called to ask me to move the trip from Sunday to Saturday. No problem. He called me a week ago and asked what time of the day we were launching. 8AM. He says, "thanks, see next Sunday at 8". I said, "wait a minute, you called last week and changed it to Saturday." Well, he changed it back to Sunday. When I picked up my bait this morning, I was greeted with, "yesterday sucked, good luck out there today buddy". Great. Sunday, then Saturday, then Sunday again and then the potential sucking. Some things were meant to be... We didn't just fill the cooler, the lid would not close with tails hanging out full of 8-10 pounders. We had the cooler full in less than two hours. We lost and threw back at least a cooler full. Did I hear someone ask was if there were any big fish caught?

And a good time was had by all!