July 27th Report

Last Sunday late evening as I arrived home from my trip I noticed my truck was laboring to drag my little boat just as I was putting it in the driveway. Park under my awning and proceeded indoors to the AC. As I walked by my trailer I noticed the wheel was at an odd angle. Thought it was maybe a bad bearing. Nope axle broke in half. Hmm decided during the week while I wait for the new axle from Iowa that I could use Capt Daves boat since he was off the weekend. So drove out Saturday morning got his boat and back home to load tackle in it. Then off the to the ramp. Fishing was not bad as we had two very good blowups in the first hour. Both hits cut the lure in half. (Set the hook to quick) Later after push poling the boat around awhile we decided to leave the pads and the dropping water. Still no fish in the boat. But golden hour was golden and we scored many LGmouth and a snakehead. Only broke a guide post on Capt Daves trailer..Nice boat BTW.

Capt Mike