July 16th and 17th Report

Decided to do white perch fishing down at Cobb Island. Met my crew at Capt Charlies ramp and proceeded out the creek catching several WP. Nothing big but a few where Taco size so they went in the live well. Went under the bridge just as the tide was starting to go out. Hit about ten spots on the way out of Neal sound. As always south rip rap wall was a fish every cast. No big ones but put some more WP in live well for tacos. Ran to mouth of Nomini rip and did some popping corks for reds and whatever. Trolling motor got a good work out. Hooked a ray I suspect and ran almost all the line out before breaking off. Caught some bigger WP also and a few striper on ultra light.

Ran back to south rip rap and finished the day out with 25 keepers.

Next day had an 80 year old dressed in flannel and blue jeans. Reminded me of someone..lol. Same routine with few bigger ones than the day before. All released. Hit the back side of rip rap had a small perch on that got eaten by a big striper. Hooked it too. Good fight and released. Bigger perch on back side BTW. All released.

Headed in a early due to heat.

Nice couple of days.

Capt Mike