August 10th Report

Started out in a likely spot with incoming tide. Zipping Ziggy produced no hits..looked right but no hits. Moved further back with with really clear water and once again not hits. Changed to Rico and the storm came up on us. Radar made it look like it would miss us. Hunkered down in safe spot and watched the big develop right in front of us.

Sat in safe spot for about an hour while bilge pump tried but failed to keep up with down pour. Flashes and booms all around us the entire time. Then it let up to a light rain and we felt safe to move about. Had so many hits on toads and very few hookups. Jumped three snakeheads on the hookset too.

Lightning was cloud to cloud then. Saw two bolts come together in the sky and make a huge crack sound. Never saw that before. Ended up with two nice LGMouth landed and an easy 18 hits. Could not take pics due to rain.

Capt Mike