7-30-21 Report

Today's trip was an early morning trip. We headed out on almost low tide and deployed the long distance POP-R's. First hundred yards of grass edge saw a few missed hits till a nice LGMouth connected. Moved back in the creek and started with Rico. Two doubles, a few more LGMouth and a snakehead that pulled the hook. Fight lasted for about a second or two. Next we fluked the incoming tide and got zip. Pulled out the swimmy and pounded the pad edges. Two strikes but no connections on a cut in half swimmy on the hook each time. Moved out to meet the high tide and push poled a big pad field. With only 6 inches of gin clear water above the grass I covered about two miles. But we had an encounter with a beast of a snakehead. It started with a long cast and a big hump of water following the swimmy. Kinda like Godzilla running thru the woods it pushed the pads aside and followed the lure. Stopped the lure 30 feet from the boat and it did not eat. Started the retrieve again and it kept following. Got 4 feet from the boat and stopped the lure again. Twitched it and it ate. Set the hook just a moment too soon and no hook up. Watched the monster dive into the grass and gone. That scene will be forever replaying in my mind and the clients I am sure.

Capt Mike