7-18-21 Report

Tonight's trip had a lofty goal to catch a snakehead on a fly..not impossible but very close to that. So with no objections the spinning rod came out and I push poled a large pad field during high tide. One follow was all we got. So tide was falling quick so change of plans. We headed  back to an area I have had luck on with a nailed fluke. Lost four LGMouth due to light hookset. Changed to toads and missed a snakehead, maybe two. OK change of plans.. MR Rico was deployed and we landed a big chunk LGMouth....almost. Hook pulled right at the side of boat. Then another came off with a jump. HMMM..fly rods ready , we poked pads and grass for the next hour with out even a sniff. Went up horseman creek with the fly and zippo. Not even a sniff. Change to long distance spinning rod and heavy POP R's and bingo fish on first cast. Then another and another , then doubles and doubles again and I lost count after a while. Maybe 16 caught and landed. Got dark and went in. Weather was mild..

Capt Mike