Three days of Shad

Fished last Wed , Friday and Saturday for shad. Thursday was blowout with high winds. Wed I caught one large shad that spit the hook at the boat.  A few small bass also. Then 10:30 the cold rain came in and just shut down the bite. No pics.

Friday was a much nicer day with almost no wind till 10:30. Caught 17 and that includes a convict bass.

Saturday was very nice and I found a good school that I caught 8 in a row on 8 casts. Then I grabbed my other four rods with different lures on each and caught a few on all of them. It is fun to experiment and find what they do not like. Did not like the little jig and twister tall. Caught my smallest on that little jig. Caught 27 total. Then the school moved. Done for the day at 10:30

Capt Mike