October 24th

I know you’ll be shocked but, it was warm when we started and I was really sweaty… We had our first fish in the boat before the fourth bait was even in the water. Pretty brisk catching and we filled half the cooler in the first hour and a half. Both boats were getting pounded by boat wakes. So many yahoos on the river today. Those guys have 150 yards width of channel and those guys choose to run a cast off us. Of course the big wakes are hitting us on the beam, not fun.

Capt Mike moved first and I followed. We marked A LOT of fish in the new spot but, the wind had really picked up and the tide had not turn so, boat in one direction, bait going another. We did pick up a handful of fish and the tide eventually turned. The fish turned on for a while and we had so many fish in the cooler that the fish kept kicking open the lid and a few times we had catfish sliding across the deck. Eleven year old Cash made my job easy. He’s a good fisherman and made sure lines were tight and feeder switches were in the correct position.

We got this guy and lost two like it.