May 2nd

This my friends is what a high tide looks like. I show you because Saturday, it didn't exist. Actual high was at 1PM. This was noon. Yesterday, high tide level was over two feet below the peer. At low, it was four foot plus climb up to the deck. (we all cheered as Capt. Mike made onto the dock)

Tony is an experienced spider rig veteran, it was Kevin's first time. I have never seen someone pick up the technique as quickly as Kevin did for having never done it. I did not net or hand land a single fish. He swung each on board. Water temps were still at 5PM, no more than 64 degrees. What bite we did have, died at about the half way point of the tide. The ramp at 6PM was a clown show. Two boats trying to load and failing, two jet skis launching. They let me go first because they said, "you probably back up faster than us". I appreciated their kindness.

The Captain got to catch fish.

That winds up crappie charters for 2021. (thank goodness...)