March 14th

Corona Virus affects fishing charters too! Part of my crew decided not to fly in to meet his mom and dad to fish with me today. So, I found myself with an open day and called my dad. It was six years to the day since I had taken him along with my brother and sister, cat fishing for the first time. Today it would be me, him and my youngest daughter.

Finding fish was tough and when you found a couple of marks, the dinner bell certainly wasn't ringing. I found some fish in DEEP water and Capt Mike found them in shallow so, he beckoned I join him south and we did. Fishing was really slow but, the weather was perfect (for me anyway) and it was fun for me and my dad watching my daughter reel in few fish.

Funny part of the day was the whole time, my dad (who claims there is nothing wrong with his hearing) never the whole time heard the feeder drag scream. The biggest fish went off right next to him and he said he only heard it because we told him. My daughter and I laughed a lot.

Fun times with family. I took a few fish home and butchered them up real nice for dinner.