Last weekend at Dest X

My turn to get hit by that pigmy dart last weekend. Ask me in person, I’ll tell you the story…

The crew showed up early and caught white perch and reds at the dock. One of my guys Tom T, got his first red Friday evening.

Saturday and Sunday were both late launches for our crews. Saturday was a slow bite but, a bite none the less. Large mouth were more active than the bowfin. We put about eight or nine bass in the boat and three bowfin. We had the bowfin bites, we just couldn’t keep them on the hook.

The low country boil was superb as usual and a lot of the crew chose not to embibe Saturday night including this captain. (see the opening statement)

Sunday, we got out a little earlier than Saturday and, “hey, where’d the high tide go?” We headed straight to Bowfin Alley. We spent a total of three hours of our entire day there. Very little reason to leave. While it wasn’t gang busters, it was steady enough to keep us engaged.

Tom got his first snakehead Sunday as well.

Right after that started the Tom Taylor Destination X Beast Trifecta. I will post both pictures of two of the fish as so to appreciate the size.

And then, just minutes before the day was ending…

A great end to the Destination X season! Looking forward to next year with this crew already.