July 12th Report

The sky blue and nary a cloud in the sky. Hot but not too humid as we headed out on Mattowomen Creek. My client is Scott aka Skinny Pete and tide tide was high. We pushed way back in the pads with gin clear water tossing toads. No takers for the first two hours. Then saw a large snakehead swimming right by the boat. Tossed the toad and he ate it. Set the hook and no hook up. But a good sign. We fished a few more spots with pop r and nuthin. They just where not looking up. I caught a snakehead on walk the dog bait and Scott took it home. At golden hour the bite never really happened till it got dark. Big crappie on a pop r and that was it. It is dark now and we head to a spot with big pop r and score a 5 lb LgMouth and miss 3 more. Bite was over and we headed in late.

Capt Mike