Now this is my weather…

45 degrees and cloudy. I prepared for the cool temperatures by wearing a tee shirt under my fishing shirt. First stop, the grocery store. We had a fish on before we even had the second bait in the water. I thought, here we go… I was wrong. Lots of timid bites but by 11AM, we only had three eaters in the cooler. We did however have these two.

We headed north to see what else was happening. Not a lot of boats on the water today. We set up north and got a handful of eaters on the larger size. The wind changed and we moved south a little. The wind and current were worse there and we moved back north again. We caught fish slow but, steady and still ended up with a full cooler. Colton is nine and Easton is five. I don’t know how old Mack and Pop are…LOL. (no pictures of Pop but, I assure you he caught fish and was instrumental in the boy’s big fish)

Two on this time

When I told them it was time to go, Mack said that for once, he was ready to get off the water and into a warm truck.