Chowfest 2021

The annual double boat Chow Bros. snakehead outing.

Why does my second June trip have to be a "feels like 100 degrees?" (is there an echo in here?)

I had Jerry and dad. Dad once again killed me by wearing his jeans and flannel fishing costume and not breaking a sweat. Jerry had a couple of real nice snakehead hits that didn't hook up but, we all got to see both big fish. Jerry picked up a few nice bass. Dad was proud to tell everyone that he got four...four beers... LOL.

The funniest part of the night is when Jerry handed dad the camera and asked him to take a picture of one of his fish. When Jerry viewed the photo, the picture was just of his legs. When Jerry complained about it, dad didn't the picture correctly on purpose. Too small. Catch a snakehead, then I take the picture...LOL

We finished off the bourbon before we left. I drink it neat but, neat and 90 degrees was extra neat.

Nice tip too...