7-24-20 Report

Good customer wanted to fish early so he could have the evening free. Good customer policy kicked in and I lost some sleep to meet him at 6am on the creek. What a perfect day for fishing. Cloudy and light sprinkles of rain. So I had this idea to fish buzz baits. So first thing on a fast incoming tide we frothed the water with buzz baits. No hits and not even a sniff. Pack and run to the back of the creek and find three creams in your coffee water. Temps dropped about 7 degrees on the main creek. It took a while but I found warmer water and clear water to boot. Fish after fish followed that discovery. Moved way back in the creek to find all of the water was muddy.

Caught two small snakeheads and 6 LGmouth. Took a few pics.

Capt Mike