7-14 Report

What looked like a perfect evening turned into a deluge of rain. Kept us under a cliff for about an hour. Oddly no fish willing to hit our POP -R before the storm. Winds about 50 plus pushed water back up into the creek and what was supposed to be a low tide was a foot over normal. Once the all clear from lightning was given by the osprey's flying about we headed for a new feeder creek. Bingo big toilet flush hit and a big LGMouth was landed. But the wind built back up and in minutes we had a second cell come thru. Pushed us way into the brush. Had enough and headed back for sheltered water. Stopped at a likely spot and now the trolling motor fhob was not working. Pulled out the spare one and it was also dead. Both water logged, so out came the push pole. Wind was now about 10 mph but the tide was ripping out. Push pole in 8 feet of water was impossible. Headed for horseman's creek and the switch turned on. About 7 landed and 4 more lost. Wind was gone and that soft water was amazing. Tide started back in and we floated way back and the fish ate while I ate my sandwich.

Went back out on main river with the toads and had a snakehead chase and snap at the toad about 15 yards out and just kept after the toad all the way to the boat. Watched him swim away.

No pics as the phone was in my dry bag staying dry.

Good evening and get to do it again tonight.

Capt Mike