6-23 thru 6-27 Report

Wed.  Had my good client Lou on board and the fish just did not bite. Found great looking clear water but no sign of life. Water temps had dropped 8 degrees since last week and we had a full moon with no clouds. And I found a bottle of Banana Boat sun tan lotion on board hidden under the console. Managed a couple of small bass.

Thur. Fly fisherman in the wind and moon light caught zip...Good fisherman too.

Friday. Change of plans. I knew the fish where not chasing and water temps just at 80 meant some tough fishing conditions. So I called an audible and switched to flipping big craw bait's in the pads. Deep in pads that are jungle like. Four nice bass later, water was up in the ponds so in we went. Picked up another four bigger bass on little swimmie and lost a giant of snakehead when he pulled the old wrap around the pad routine.

Saturday. Had some fun guys who liked to flip and caught two nice bass in the first hour. Water came up quick and into the pads we went to score two more that evening. Water temps now 84 and clouds blocked the moon.

Sunday. Joey and his Father trip. Now Joey can fish ...really fish. On the way out I saw a fish bust on bait. We turned around and went back to the spot. Popper in hand he slayed the fish all night long. His Dad was using a nailed fluke and getting good quality bass also. Water temp 84 to 85 degrees and cloudy.

It is nice to have great topwater trip after some tough fishing. Be back on the water in 10 days. Enjoy your 4th and be safe.

Capt Mike